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Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter

Affiliate Tip #1- The First Step

The first step in making money with affiliate
programs is to join one!

Here is where you join our affiliate program:
The Lead Club

After you join you
will receive a special affiliate url.
This is the url you will give to people when
you are promoting this program.

If anyone clicks on this url and orders within
one year you receive a commission!
You get $35. if they order the $99. package!
You receive $10. if they order the $5. option.
You receive $5. if they sign up for the fr'ee

Yes, we even pay when when your referrals
sign up for the fr'ee trial of the pro version.

Remember you must be a member of Paypal to
receive commissions because all commisions
are sent directly to your Paypal account.
If you have not done so you may join Paypal for free.

If you have your own website we suggest you
place a link on your website with your affiliate
url promoting this affiliate program.

You should place your link on the front
page of your website.

Here is where you can get some link and
banner codes after you signup.

You can get your affiliate url by logging
into your control panel after you sign up:

In the next few emails we will be giving you
some specific tips on how to promote this
affiliate program and make money!

Thank you.

This has been a commercial email message
from L'ead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter.

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