Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter-Tip #12- Get targeted traffic with Toolbar advertising.


Here is a new way to start advertising
your affiliate links, through toolbar

I noticed this service when I found
an annoying little toolbar at the bottom
of my screen after visiting a site.

I tried to get it off but I could not!

It had some very clever advertising so
I said "I need to be advertising here!"

I went to their site and found out that
I could purchase targeted pay per click
advertising on toolbars for as little as
8 cents per click. Great!

This type of advertising gets by pop up
blockers, Gogle and Alexa toolbars
and gets about a 5% clickthrough rate which
is much higher than traditional banner

I suggest you go to:
and click on the ADVERTISING link.

You then can purchase some targeted
traffic and point that traffic to your
Le'ad Club affiliate url.


I suggest a title like "Get 10,000 fr'ee
opt in l'eads right now!"

If you have your own website you can also
create your own toolbars and put them on
your site.

When someone leaves your site they will see
your toolbar with your advertising.

You could create your own toolbar,
put it on your website(It is just a piece of code
that you put into your html) and put
your Le'ad Club affiliate links in the toolbar.

This is better than a pop up because it cannot
be blocked.

To get started see:

This has been a commercial email message
from L'ead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter.

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