Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter-Tip#13- How to use autoresponders to promote Affiliate Programs.


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Autoresponders are one of the most effective
ways to promote affiliate programs.

Autoresponders will send messages to your
prospects every few days reminding them of
the benefits of doing business with the
programs you recommend.

It has been proven that people need to hear
a message several times before purcahsing.

You are receiving this training series
by autoresponder.

Most affiliate programs you join offer
pre written sales letters to promote
the business.

What you can do is get an autoresponder
system and then upload the pre written
messages into the autoresponder system.

Just substitute your affiliate url with
the url in the pre wrtitten letters.

You can join the Le'ad Club affiliate program
and then get several pre written sales
letters at

Here are several other affiliate programs
you can join.

Go ahead and join all these programs and
get the sales letters for each program.

Then get an autoresponder system.
Here are several places:

Then get the highest quality le'ads you
can find.

Here is a great source:

Then you can upload the messages into your
autoresponder system. Modify the letters
so that they have your affiliate url in them.

Better yet get a redirect url at:

Use your re direct url for all your
affiliate urls. This will protect your
commissions, protect your main program urls
from complaints, and give you a
more professional look.

Then upload your best l'eads into the
autoresponder system. Time the messages
so that they go out every 3 or 4 days.
Do not time them to go out every day.
Not everyone checks their email everyday
and they will complain.

You should have at least 10 messages
promoting your affiliate programs
in the autoresonder system.

This has proven to a very effective method
of promotion for us. It takes a little
work but it is worth it.

Start your own software biz.
You keep all the money. Not an affiliate
program. No tech experience necessary.



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