Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter Tip #2- The fastest way to get affiliate sales.

The fastest way to get sales for your
affiliate program is to contact all
of your current contacts.

If you have a newsletter or ezine you
run with regular subscribers, a customer
base, or a downline you should contact
them first.

Here is a link where you can get sample
sales letters to send to your contacts.

Just replace where it says "Your_ID"
with your affiliate id. You can get your
affiliate url by logging into your affiliate
control panel at

If you have not yet signed up for free for
the Lead Club affiliate program you may
do so at

We suggest sending the first letter with the
subject: Get 10,000 fr'ee opt in l'eads
right now.

Remember, you get $5. for every fre'e trial
you get.

Do you think it would be hard to give away
fr'ee le'ads? I do not think so.

Just imagine if 500 people decided to
get fr'ee le'ads from your letter.

That would put $2500. in your pocket.

Giving away fr'ee l'eads is not hard.

So go ahead and go to
and get the letter with the subject
"Get 10,000 fr'ee opt in le'ads right now"
and send it to your personal ezine, downline
or contact list.

Remember, no spamming. This is just for those
who personally have joined your group or newsletter.

Here are several other lead generation
resources that you can use to advertise
the Lead Club affiliate program with:

The Lead Club of course:
Sign up here for a 7 day fr'ee
trial of the pro version and get
10,000 real l'eads right now.



Traffic Oasis

We also suggest very strongly that you get
a namestick shortened url for all your
affiliate marketing.

For example when you join L'ead Club affiliate
program you get a url like:
Your namestick url will be shortened to something like:

The advantage is that with your shortened url
no one can cut off your id at the end of the
affiliate link and steal your commissions.

Also it protects your main program's
url somewhat against false spam complaints
by unscrupulous people.

You can set up as many of these shortened urls
as you want for all your affiliate programs.

For example you could have:

It also makes you look more professional.

For more info see:

In our next email will give you some ideas
on how to promote that have netted us
thousands of dollars!

Good luck!

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