Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter Tip #3- How to use Ezine Advertising to promote affiiate programs.
Email 1000s spam fr'ee

Once you have sent a message to all your
personal contacts about your affiliate
program it is time to contact other
people's contacts!

One of the best ways to do this is
through Ezine advertising.

An ezine is the same thing as an email
newsletter. There are thousands of email
newsletters out there which allow you
to advertise inexpensively.

The advantage of these ezines is that
you can choose to advertise in ezines
which specialize in internet marketing.
These are the people the most likely
to need the Lead Club.

You might want to check out Adland.
You can post free ads in their internet
marketing digest. Everytime I have done
so I have received business.
It goes to 25,000 subscribers.

Go ahead and join our affiliate program
if you have not done so already and
then go to
to get a sales letter.

Then join each one of the ezines listed
and post a free ad with your affiliate
url in it.

Here are some urls where you can send out
fr'ee ezine ads. All you have to do is
join their mailing list and you can send a
fr'ee add out to the whole list.


Here is a great site where you can get ezine
ads starting at only $5.

Also check out:

I have heard very good reports about
their ezine advertising

Remember,if anyone orders within a year you receive
a commission. So go to
and get a sales letter. Join the L'ead
Club affiliate program at:
http://www.leadclub.net/affiliate.html .
Then start sending out fr'ee and paid
ezine ads with the sales letter and your
affiliate url. Let's see the
commissions start rolling in!

In the next email we will discuss
an advertising method which brings in $20,000
per month for one of my customers!

This has been a commercial email message
from L'ead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter.

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