Lead Club Affiliate Tips Newsletter #6- How to use the Lead Club to promote affiliate programs.

Get 10,000 f'ree l'eads right now

Here is one technique that we have used
to make thousands of dollars on line.

Opt in email is one method which is
very effective.
With the Lead Club you get 60,000 opt in
leads per month.

These are all people who are interested in
promoting their business on the internet so
they are an ideal market for selling
marketing tools.

Once you sign up for a membership at www.leadclub.net
(You can even sign up for a free trial at
www.leadclub.net/freetrial.html) You usually will
be able to download at least 10,000 fresh leads.
Sometimes there are over 40,000.

You will need a bulk email program to send your
emails. We suggest Group Mail Plus.

We suggest you download a great text editor
called textpad at
www.textpad.com .

It is like notepad on steroids and it is free.

Log into your account with Lead Club at
www.leadclub.net .

Once you log in click "USER EMAILS."

The click on the link which says
"To download EXTRA LEA'DS click here."

Then open up your notepad or textpad program
and copy and paste the lea'ds into the program
save and name the file.

Then upload the leads into the Group Mail program
and send out your sales letter.

We also suggest you get a fr'ee redirect
url for all your affiliate marketing .

You can get one at:

When sending to opt in leads you should never
put your main domain name. We suggest using
the redirect url in all your mailings instead.

We also suggest using a secondary email
address as your from address when you
send out your mailings.

This way your main email address will not
be overwhelmed with responses. Expect at least
10% undeliverables from any list.

Remember too that you must have a valid
remove option in your sales letter and
you must include your postal address in the
body of each email. Your return email address must
be valid as well.

The Lea'd Club leads are updated daily. We suggest
logging in once per week to collect your
new leads and send off your letter.

This is just a start. You can get as creative
as you want in promoting your new site as long
as you are honest with what you say.

I would then suggest signing up for the
L'ead Club affiliate program at
if you have not done so already.

Then go to
to get a sales letter.

Make sure to replace your affiliate url
with your new redirect link.

This both helps you protect your affiliate
commissions, shorten your url, and
protect agains false complaints somewhat.

Then go ahead and send your sales letter
to your L'ead Club l'eads.

Good luck!

More promotions tips to come in our next email.

Thank you,

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