How to use the leads with World Merge 4.0

1. Click on the link for the leads.
2. In Internet Explorer
click edit and select all.
Right click on the highlighted leads.
4. Left click on
5. Open up
Word Pad on your computer.
6. Right click on the empty Word Pad, left click on paste.
7. You should see all the addresses in Word Pad.
8. Left
click on file, left click on save as.
9. Name the file where it says
file name.
10. Where it says "save as type" click
"text document. "(Very important!)
11. Where it says "Save In"
choose C.
12. Open up
World Merge.
Click ok if the registration box appears.
Click create a new mail merge project then click ok.
Click new message then click next.
16. Under database type click
tab delimited text.
17. Click browse and then click on the file of leads that you just saved to your C drive.
18. Click next. Click finish.
19. On the World Merge program
click file then click configure.
20. Under real name put whatever you want. Under return address put a
valid free email account.
Under smtp server put the outgoing smtp server of your isp. If you do not know what this
is call them and ask them. Click OK.
21. Type the
subject of your message and the text of your message.
Type the from email address you want to use.
Click send. Click send personal messages.

That is it! Note that if you need additional tech support with World Merge click here.