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The Safelist Directory eBook by Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

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The Safelist Directory eBook by Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

Attention All Free & Paid Safelist Marketers...

Email Your AD Directly to Thousands of Business Opportunity Seekers and Marketers using FREE or PRO Web-Based Mailer Safelists.

New software makes it easy to organize and store your safelists URL's saving you many hours of time and frustration...

From: Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen
Re: Instantly get access to thousands of new safelists now

Dear Fellow Safelist Advertiser,

Do you use safelists to advertise your products or services online? Do you waste hours of your time searching for new web-based mailer safelists to send your ads to?

Well now you don't have to waste any more of your valuable time searching for new web-based mailer safelists. With our newly released Safelist Directory eBook™ v3.0 we have taken out the endless hours of work that it would require to find these thousands of safelists that are included in our directory.

There are thousands of different safelists available on the Internet, all offering FREE advertising. However, it can be an overwhelming task knowing which safelists to join or avoid. That's why we've created this powerful software tool loaded with thousands of the only the best quality safelists found on the Internet today.

We search the internet looking for thousands of new
Web-Based Mailer Safelists so you don't have to 
any more and we have compiled them into this very
easy to use Safelist Directory eBook v3.0 for you.

The software contains both the sign-up and login URL for each web-based mailer safelist included in the directory and indicates the number of members within each safelist (along with the types of memberships available).

A large percentage of the safelists listed in this directory offer FREE membership, resulting in you being able to EMAIL YOUR ADS TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PROSPECTS WEEKLY.

What is a Safelist?

A safelist is a way for people to exchange emails with other safelist members. The email messages sent to a safelist are NOT considered SPAM because all of the subscribers have agreed to receive emails from one another. Since everyone has to joined the safelist, and verify their membership, it is also known as a double optin list.

What Is a Web-Based Mailer Safelist?

A web-based mailer safelist is hosted on the list owners server, so you do not need to download any software or lists of email addresses in order to send your email ads to members of the safelist.

Why Are They So Important?

It is highly recommended to use only web-based mailer safelists as the email ads you send are not delivered through your ISP. Therefore, you will NOT put your business at RISK for having been accused of spamming.

...It is 100% SPAM FREE!...

Brand New, Safelist Directory eBook v.3.0

- Software Screen Shot -
Software Screenshot

When you purchase your copy of the Safelist Directory eBook™ v3.0 you'll quickly see how easy it is to begin joining safelists and then start submitting your ad to thousands of prospects weekly.

If you are on a shoe-string budget, and cannot afford expensive solo ezine advertising, then safelists are what you have been looking for. There is really no reason why you shouldn't be using free safelists to promote your online business.

Whether you intend to purchase the Safelist Directory eBook™ v3.0 to help you start promoting via safelists OR if you intend to resell this package you will profit either way. There is a huge demand for an update-to-date quality safelist directory such as this one.

See for yourself . . .

Email Thousands Weekly - use free safelists to easily and quickly send your email ad to thousands of prospects weekly! 100% SPAM FREE!

Join PRO Safelists - as your budget grows you can update your free accounts to pro so you can send your email ads more often.
Saves Time - by not having to search for new safelists to join.
NO SPAM COMPLAINTS! - reach only safelist members who have requested to receive your email ads. No more flames!

Provides Thousands of Safelists - we've listed over 2,500 web-based mailer safelists in our directory (and growing all the time).

User Friendly - the software interface is extremely simple-to-use that even a newbie can understand.

Makes Posting to Safelists Easier - have all your safelists listed in one easy-to find location.

Import Safelists - you can import a fresh list of safelists that we provide often at a minimal cost.

Export Safelists - you have the ability to export the safelist database into .csv format.

Hide to System Tray - a powerful feature to save space on your desktop when you're not using the software.

Automatically Check Safelists - by using this feature you can check to see if all of your safelists urls are active or inactive with just 1-click.

Search Safelists - by using this feature you can instantly locate any safelist we have included in the directory.

Add New Safelists - you can easily add your own favourite safelists into the directory.

Edit Your Safelists - as your safelists change you can update them to reflect the new information.
Delete Old Safelists - you can easily delete old and inactive safelist from the directory.

Save Safelists - you can save your safelists into an organized format and re-open them at any time.

Lifetime Updates - you receive lifetime updates to the safelist directory software.

FULL RESALE RIGHTS - you can resell the safelist directory software and keep 100% of the profits made.

The Safelist Directory eBook by Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

When you order the Safelist Directory eBook™ v3.0 today, you will instantly receive FULL RESALE RIGHTS which gives you the right to resell the package and keep 100% of the profits made. Also included in the package you will receive a professionally designed images and website. just like this one.

Don't forget, you get INSTANT FULL RESALE RIGHTS
when you purchase your copy today.

- Click Here to Order Now -

Using the software is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Purchase your copy today.

2) Join and advertise your product or service to these FREE safelists.

3) Build your website traffic and start making money!

It's that easy!... All you have to do is open the software and select a safelist sign-up URL, which instantly loads in the softwares built in web browser. Then you simply fill out an online form with your information. You will then receive an email with your login information and you then can begin sending your email ads to THOUSANDS!

How much easier could it be to send your email ads to thousands of prospects weekly at such a low one-time cost?

Designed for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP

- Full Resell Rights Package -

The Safelist Directory eBook by Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

Safelist Directory eBook™ v3.0
Includes Full Resale Rights

For Only


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  • This product cannot be bundled with other packages.
  • This product cannot be offered as part of a membership site.


Here's to your success,
Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

P.S. - Remember if you wait too long, you could miss out on getting full resale rights as we do not know how long we can offer these kind of rights at such a crazy low price. This IS NOT a marketing ploy either.  This is the 100% truth so order your copy now.

The Safelist Directory eBook by Tom Dahne and Michael Rasmussen

Copyright 2003-2004

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